Black edition flashing and dancing

15 janvier 2021 - 244 vues
Du 08 mai 2021 à 10h00
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this events is a replacement for Paris and London we cancelled this year because of the coronavirus we have to respect the social distant so we are still celebrating our birthday day we changed the name to Black Edition flashing and dancing it's with food like the same like Paris and London we just asked to try to do social distance and do not accept a lot of people this year everyone has to respect this rule and wear their mash it will be reggae and dancehall music as usual it will be a lot of fun like we always had each year, for those of you who don't know about Paris and London it is a very classic events dress code it is always black and it is always a respectful events for everyone young people and adult we do respect everyone and uniting everyone together it is an events for everyone not only for black people we just name it black events just to replace Paris and London lots of excitement will be there special guests artists also will be there to sing for us your special DJ will be there also we have the best reggae and dancehall DJ to let everyone comfortable and happy please everyone one come with your husband and wife your fiance are your girl friend is an event for you don't wont to miss , it doesn't matter where we kept this events Jamaican creative it's always organised the best events it's for Jamaican here, click on this button to reserve if you're coming or not it is a small venue we can't accept a lot of people we doesn't want it to be overcrowded this year we have to respect the distance of the person and their health, Jamaican traditional food is always there and Jamaican drinks please be class and elegant we also had surprise and gifts for the best dressed ladies and Men and the best dancer to represent Jamaican creative in Paris we are unique come out on this day hope to see you all there 14th of November 2020 it doesn't matter where we kept it it's going to be fun ???( Love & unity )